The Original On-Site Gymnastics, Fitness & Sports Program!



Our Mission:


Through our original and imaginative journeys, we ignite a love of movement and discovery in the children we teach.


Gymnastics gives your child:


 1. Foundations in fitness & focus essential in developing a basis for learning.


      2. Develops Core Fitness, Strength, Flexibility, &          Balance through proven gymnastics fundamentals...


      3. Skills that are the“number one prescription activity, for children, to improve overall fitness,


        4. Builds the 'physical pathway' of the brain, improving  function and focus. Focusing with ease means learning with ease.” 



“Exercises found in Educational Gymnastics are “Miracle-Gro” for the Brain. Vaulting, rolling, balance, tumbling , jumping, climbing, hang/pull/push swing, & support of the body are examples of phenomenal ‘focus work’  opportunities for children.”* 

           Dr. John Ratey, Harvard University


Exercise and the brain– the crucial connections…..establish , maintain, & help build a foundation for a happy , healthy, child .



Fitness Futures begin HERE!


     In the the ancient and modern Olympic games, Gymnastics has been the method of training athletes use to prepare the mind and body to participate in'Sport.' *nearly 70% of athletes both Olympic and professional, credit gymnastics as a foundation for their strength, flexibility and balance and as a preventive measure in avoiding serious injury. 


      Gymnastics engages the brain at a much higher level for the body to perform in various planes of movement.     Incredible combinations of muscles are recruited in these skills;  developing improved balance, increases in strength & flexibility, force & momentum, alertness/reaction time.....ALL  originating from the prime benefactor....the core.  


      Fundamental Gymnastics exercises  increase body awareness (kinesthetics), providing improved coordination and self confidence.  This has an immediate transfer effect when learning and participating in other sporting activities. 


      The body and mind are prepared; and have learned to work synergistically to efficiently create power force & momentum. Students with a gymnastics foundation (the basics) move to higher levels of performance more easily and quickly than students with just basic gross motor exposures to movement.






      TAG inc  develops your childs confidence through skill progressions...with a little imagination:


From forward rolls to front flips, bridges to backhandsprings, scales to handstands; with imaginative approaches to basic and advanced tumbling, vaulting, padded balance beam, single bar skills, strength and flexibility training and MORE!!!...your child experiences new successes every week!













Example:  Skill Development in Vaulting ...speed, power, muscle reaction time, kinesthetic awareness, coordination, timing, technique

VAULTING involves 'Rapid Processing & focus on the Mind-Body Relationship to achieve the goals of height, body control,  and propulsion over the 'horse'.  Student (age 4 here) demonstrates straddle vault. As he gains more power & practice he will reach further across and push his body over, lifting his  chest and land on his feet. Our Kindergarten age and some Pre-K are doing vaults to handstand and front handsprings!

Director: Jeffrey Clements